Guest Post: Learn like a Boss with Your Own Resources

Create your own vocabulary list and dialogues

We all know that there is abundant of language learning material available either in the bookstore or on the internet. However, the question is “Which learning material suits your learning style and your necessity?”

A wide variety of choices is good in terms of providing sufficient learning material but it also could make you confused of choosing the right one for you.

Moreover, you may also be confused because of facing the scarcity of learning material, especially for unpopular languages.

Fortunately, we have internet nowadays and finding native speakers is as easy as clicking your mouse button. Several examples of websites where you can find native speakers for language practice are Italki and Interpals, or if you use Facebook, you can even find them in Facebook groups, such as Omniglot Fan Club and Learning Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Customized learning material

Using phrasebook is good enough to give you knowledge of introducing yourself, asking for direction, and all of those you need when you arrive in the country of your target language.

However, you may find out that not all of the vocabulary and dialogues used in the circumstances where you will be. For example, you may find dialogues about conversation in the harbor in the phrasebook.  Nevertheless, you may not likely to use them if you do not visit a harbor.

You can make your own learning material, which could be more useful and suit your learning style.

First, you need to find a native speaker of your target language.

Second, make a list of vocabulary and dialogues of what you use most of the time in your native language or the language you are proficient. For instance, make a list of vocabulary of things that you find in your bedroom, or make a list of dialogues of what you usually say in the traditional market.

Third, ask your native-speaker friend of your target language to translate the list of vocabulary and dialogues into your target language.

Here is a list of things that you can find in my bedroom in Indonesian, English, and Spanish.


With this customized-learning material, you will remember better and learn faster because what you learn is related to you.

Do you have other idea on how to create your own learning material? Share with us in the comments.

Teddy Nee



Teddy Nee is a language enthusiast and a blogger at
He is familiar with Medan Hokkien, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Esperanto. Feel free to contact him for a discussion.

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