Happy Blogoversary! Here’s what you’ve been saying…

“This looks like a really promising new blog! Keep up the good work, and good job with your English!” – Alex Rawlings, polyglot (RawLangs.com)
“Dude, great blog. When I saw how old you are, I was floored. You’re on your way to great things.” – Ron, LanguageSurfer.com
“Great blog! Will be reading more of it in the future. Interesting to read about your experiment writing from right to left.” – Sam, Lingholic.com
“It is really a pleasure to know you and your blog. I am very impressed of your effort to learn languages.” – Teddy Nee, Nee’s Language Blog
“Parabens! Which is Portuguese for congratulations.” – Bernard, My Five Romances
“It’s 3.am and I’m still reading your posts. Fantastic blog – I really look forward to getting to know you better!” – Josephine
“Effectivement, nous avons devant nous un enfant prodige des langues !!” – Franck
“Seriously impressive! Keep it up, it’s so inspiring.” – Harry
“Félicitations ! Moi je parle français…” – Olivier
“Κι εγώ είμαι 16 και λατρεύω της γλώσσες, αν και σίγουρα δεν ξέρω τόσες όσο εσύ. Μ’αρέσει πολύ το μπλογκ σου! Keep it up!” – Fey

3 thoughts on “Happy Blogoversary! Here’s what you’ve been saying…

    • Muito obrigado! Me desculpe, mas não sei escrever em português… For some reason I never thought of you as the author of ‘My Five Romances’ – I’m a regular reader of your blog, yet I somehow managed to ignore the fact that the Bernard(o) who writes all those great articles is the same one who often shares his opinion on the topics I write about (which I really appreciate, by the way!). I’m sorry about that. I’ve included your blog’s name in the above article. I feel honoured to have among my readers such an aspiring polyglot. 🙂

      • Hi, thanks for your comments, yes that’s me. I’m actually a very lazy learner – I could be far better at languages if I made a determined effort at it (like you are doing). I enjoy your blog and wish you well with your quest. I hope you get to travel a lot too to put it all into practice. Take care, cheers

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