Charge 400! Clear! ‘I Wish to be a Polyglot!’ is Officially Revived!

So it’s been almost a year since my last post. For a while I continued to convince myself that ‘I Wish to be a Polyglot!’ was alive and well, but the less free time I had due to my final exams taking priority, the more obvious it became that the blog was to remain inactive for the rest of the academic year. But now the summer’s officially began and I shall hopefully be able to dedicate sufficient time to properly revive it.

Although this is no more than a funny coincidence, I’d like to mention that today is also the second anniversary of the blog! Fine, that’s about 14 active months if not less, but oh well… And if that’s not enough, today I also had the privilege to attend an amazing webinar with the one and only Richard Simcott – the first ever hyperpolyglot I came across on the internet and the man who’s been one of my greatest inspirations ever since! He had time for all my questions and I even got some retweets and a follow from him just after the event. Feel free to check my Twitter!

Wait, there’s more! It turned out today that I have a loyal reader on the other side of the world, in New Zealand, who seems to share quite a lot of my views and interests – even language construction or glossopoeia as I prefer to called it. Yet she had never thought of sending me a message. Do I not give you enough opportunities to contact me? Honestly, I’m always happy to hear from you, even if I’m too busy to reply!

So, what should you be expecting? Some shorter articles, interviews, recommendations, more multimedia stuff. I’m not too sure what topics I shall be concentrating on but I’m currently full of ideas, so beware! For the time being, please follow the blog on WordPress, like its Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. See you soon!

Happy Blogoversary! Here’s what you’ve been saying…

“This looks like a really promising new blog! Keep up the good work, and good job with your English!” – Alex Rawlings, polyglot (
“Dude, great blog. When I saw how old you are, I was floored. You’re on your way to great things.” – Ron,
“Great blog! Will be reading more of it in the future. Interesting to read about your experiment writing from right to left.” – Sam,
“It is really a pleasure to know you and your blog. I am very impressed of your effort to learn languages.” – Teddy Nee, Nee’s Language Blog
“Parabens! Which is Portuguese for congratulations.” – Bernard, My Five Romances
“It’s and I’m still reading your posts. Fantastic blog – I really look forward to getting to know you better!” – Josephine
“Effectivement, nous avons devant nous un enfant prodige des langues !!” – Franck
“Seriously impressive! Keep it up, it’s so inspiring.” – Harry
“Félicitations ! Moi je parle français…” – Olivier
“Κι εγώ είμαι 16 και λατρεύω της γλώσσες, αν και σίγουρα δεν ξέρω τόσες όσο εσύ. Μ’αρέσει πολύ το μπλογκ σου! Keep it up!” – Fey

Happy Blogoversary to all my readers!

Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘I wish to be a polyglot!‘ is celebrating its first anniversary today. Yes, it was exactly one year ago that my first ever post went out there for the entire world to see. As without you my blog would make no sense at all, I have decided to express my gratitude for your interest and enthusiasm by creating an ‘infographic’ that sums up the blog’s first year in a much more exciting way than my words would do.

View the infographic HERE!

Throughout the week I will try and publish a series of short articles, including collections of older posts, a compilation of comments and perhaps a list of my plans for the upcoming months. Please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to ensure you’re always up to date! Oh, another important piece of information: I have realised that 3 days weren’t enough for The Language Challenge to be successful so I’ve extended the deadline until 30 June 2014! Yes, that means you now have an extra week so don’t hesitate to submit your message. Goodnight!

Best of 2013 – The 15 Most Popular Articles of the Year

First of all, I wish you all a New Year that brings luck and prosperity, fills your home with joy and spirit, and gives you new confidence and courage for a fresh start. Let me re-introduce the 15 most visited posts of 2013 on ‘I wish to be a polyglot!’. It seems to be quite a diverse list of articles, which encourages me to continue exploring a wide range of topic areas in the New Year. With over 5000 views and 120 comments, my blog has become my proudest achievement of 2013 – besides my GCSE results, of course. I would like to thank you all for being kind enough to sacrifice some time and have a quick look at the stuff that go through my mind. Oddly enough, your comments indicate that some of you even consider my articles ‘interesting’ – special thanks for that! A propos, I am aware of the issue with the comments and promise to answer them all as soon as possible. Continue reading

Apologies, good news, seeking advice

You may have realised that I haven’t posted on the blog for almost an entire month. This period of “silence” occured due to a great number of causes. First and foremost, I did not have time. I am currently enrolled in Sixth Form (which is simply the final stage of high school, but let me not get into any more detail on this), and getting used to the high expectations and the new learning environment requires quite a lot of effort! So I apologise for not being very active in the past three weeks. But on the other hand, this period allowed me to stop for a moment and promote my old articles instead of writing new ones. I don’t intend to come across as a narcissistic individual, but I do believe that my posts from months ago deserve just as much publicity as the newer ones. For this reason, I decided to take every opportunty to share links to my old articles via Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading

Pinch, punch, first post on the blog!

So here I am posting on my new blog! It’s such a great feeling, even though I’m pretty sure no one will ever read this. To begin with, please skim through my introduction so that you are aware of who I am and what I’m doing. All I can say about this blog so far is that I have dozens of topics to write about and hopefully I will find enough time publish articles about them. Most of my articles will probably be two-three paragraphs long, or even less, so you don’t have to worry about facing articles the length of my introduction. As regards to the content, let it be a surprise!