Charge 400! Clear! ‘I Wish to be a Polyglot!’ is Officially Revived!

So it’s been almost a year since my last post. For a while I continued to convince myself that ‘I Wish to be a Polyglot!’ was alive and well, but the less free time I had due to my final exams taking priority, the more obvious it became that the blog was to remain inactive for the rest of the academic year. But now the summer’s officially began and I shall hopefully be able to dedicate sufficient time to properly revive it.

Although this is no more than a funny coincidence, I’d like to mention that today is also the second anniversary of the blog! Fine, that’s about 14 active months if not less, but oh well… And if that’s not enough, today I also had the privilege to attend an amazing webinar with the one and only Richard Simcott – the first ever hyperpolyglot I came across on the internet and the man who’s been one of my greatest inspirations ever since! He had time for all my questions and I even got some retweets and a follow from him just after the event. Feel free to check my Twitter!

Wait, there’s more! It turned out today that I have a loyal reader on the other side of the world, in New Zealand, who seems to share quite a lot of my views and interests – even language construction or glossopoeia as I prefer to called it. Yet she had never thought of sending me a message. Do I not give you enough opportunities to contact me? Honestly, I’m always happy to hear from you, even if I’m too busy to reply!

So, what should you be expecting? Some shorter articles, interviews, recommendations, more multimedia stuff. I’m not too sure what topics I shall be concentrating on but I’m currently full of ideas, so beware! For the time being, please follow the blog on WordPress, like its Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. See you soon!

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