Happy Blogoversary to all my readers!

Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘I wish to be a polyglot!‘ is celebrating its first anniversary today. Yes, it was exactly one year ago that my first ever post went out there for the entire world to see. As without you my blog would make no sense at all, I have decided to express my gratitude for your interest and enthusiasm by creating an ‘infographic’ that sums up the blog’s first year in a much more exciting way than my words would do.

View the infographic HERE!

Throughout the week I will try and publish a series of short articles, including collections of older posts, a compilation of comments and perhaps a list of my plans for the upcoming months. Please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to ensure you’re always up to date! Oh, another important piece of information: I have realised that 3 days weren’t enough for The Language Challenge to be successful so I’ve extended the deadline until 30 June 2014! Yes, that means you now have an extra week so don’t hesitate to submit your message. Goodnight!

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