Apologies, good news, seeking advice

You may have realised that I haven’t posted on the blog for almost an entire month. This period of “silence” occured due to a great number of causes. First and foremost, I did not have time. I am currently enrolled in Sixth Form (which is simply the final stage of high school, but let me not get into any more detail on this), and getting used to the high expectations and the new learning environment requires quite a lot of effort! So I apologise for not being very active in the past three weeks. But on the other hand, this period allowed me to stop for a moment and promote my old articles instead of writing new ones. I don’t intend to come across as a narcissistic individual, but I do believe that my posts from months ago deserve just as much publicity as the newer ones. For this reason, I decided to take every opportunty to share links to my old articles via Facebook and Twitter.

Please regard this as a promise that I will carry on publishing as soon as possible! I will, because it’s worth it. Thanks to my incredible audience, I have recently achieved the following statistics: over 3000 views and 90 comments, from a total of 75 countries! Again, I would like to thank everyone for keeping this blog alive – because the reality is that without having so many readers, I would have given up already. But instead, I have a lot of good ideas in mind, including a new feature for the website… and a secret project, which I am planning to report on before the end of this week!

Meanwhile, I need some suggestions! No, not about the blog (although I welcome that kind of suggestions at any time). As a result of a complicated series of events, I have a variety of foreign-language books in my possession, in reasonably high quantities. I’m willing to “get rid of them” by selling them via the internet – but I don’t think relying on the ever so popular shopping site Ebay is the best option. Do you know of any similar online auction and shopping websites which allow products to be advertised free of charge? I’ll try and publish an update in a week or so, by then I will hopefully have a useful list of websites I could try! Thank you for your help and don’t forget to bookmark ‘I wish to be a polyglot!


3 thoughts on “Apologies, good news, seeking advice

  1. Seriously, this is why we need a “loan-give-sell” site in the language learning community. What /do/ you do with a language book once you’ve gone through it?

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