Mansaray: “Being a polyglot is a lifestyle choice”

A few days ago I found a very interesting article on the internet, which eventually filled my mind with subjective thoughts around the idea of wanting to become a polyglot. The title “Is Wanting to be a Polyglot a Misdirected Dream?” made me stop, think for a moment and rush into reading the article with the hope of finding an answer. The author is David Mansaray, whom I sometimes refer to as the ‘master of learning’, so I had no doubt about whether his opinion is worth considering. He explains that transforming this dream into reality requires incredibly hard work and a lot of time.

Although the entire article has been written from an enthusiastic language-learner’s perspective, the conclusion is rather suprising. David states that his love of languages does not at all encourage him to dedicate his life to them. I totally respect his opinion, especially due to my awareness of how much being a polyglot could effect one’s everyday life – not always in a positive way. Towards the end of the article David emphasises a particular message: “Being a polyglot is a lifestyle choice; it’s more than a nice idea.” So my interpretation of this valued statement is that being an enthusiastic language learner has no disadvantages, to the point at which our desire to become real professionals has an impact on our everyday lives. Learning languages seems good enough without stirving to become a polyglot. Before I contradict myself so much that I can’t escape the situation, I shall consider asking a polyglot about the issue. Anyway, thanks to David Mansaray for writing this article!


2 thoughts on “Mansaray: “Being a polyglot is a lifestyle choice”

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  2. Very interesting article! The question is, what is the definition of a “polyglot”? I have not seen any clear answers, however it I’ve read the the number 6 languages or more is what seperates those who have made a concerted efforts to learn multiple languages, from those who know multiple languages because of where they live which isn’t so uncommon. I am a highly auditory learner and I listen to 100 lessons of assimil in several languages every day. In terms of my comprehension of 1000 -1500 words, I don’t have to put in much effort, but my challenge is to take my language learning to the next level.

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