Polyglot Conference 2013 in Budapest

I was overjoyed to learn that the first ever Polyglot Conference, organised by Richard Simcott and Luca Lampariello (two of the most remarkable polyglots I know about) would take place in my hometown, Budapest. However, being in the UK deprived me of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Throughout the preceding months, Luca continuously updated his Facebook profile with news regarding the conference, which welcomed any language-lover regardless of lingual ability or profession. The speakers of the meeting included some of my greatest inspirations, such as Luca and Richard, Alex Rawlings, Benny Lewis, Susanna Zaraysky, Bálint Kőrösi and Emanuele Marini, whose incredible abilities surprised me when I first heard about him after the conference had taken place. Fortunately, the organisers uploaded quite a lot of summaries and even videos of the event to the internet, allowing me to take their teachings and recommendations on board. For those of you who are interested in accessing these materials, learning more about the project and perhaps joining Luca and Richard at their next destination, here’s the official website of the conference. Also, there seems to be another website, which introduces this year’s speakers individually.


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