“Good morning, Dracula!”

Whenever someone comments on my strange Hungarian accent, which is often refered to as ‘Hunglish’ (from ‘Hungarian’ and ‘English’), I respond saying I sound like Dracula. Yes, I have always been aware of the fact that the original Dracula was played by a Transylvanian Hungarian actor called Béla Lugosi, and that several of his successors attempted to speak with the “vampire accent” later on, but it was only a week ago that I realised I had never even watched a scene from the movie before. So I started searching for the 1931 film on YouTube and found a few scenes that involve some sort of speech from Lugosi. Whoever said I sounded like Dracula was right. Although we can clearly hear that American English has had an impact on his accent, I have no difficulties when it comes to repeating his sentences with the exact same pronunciation. To show what I mean, here’s a video:


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